What Will happen during your shoot?

From graduation to a wedding, there are several moments in your life that may require the help of a professional photographer. Sometimes, you just want to update your pictures with something modern and gorgeous, and don’t need a major milestone to do so.

No matter what your reason behind seeking out a Denver photographer, you should be fully prepared and know exactly what to expect during your photoshoot. The more great shots you get quickly, the better!

Getting Started

For the 1 or 2 hours that you spend with your photographer, the beginning is when things really start to fall into place. It will take a few shots to get used to each other and for your photographer to find their light and see your best angles.

Having patience in the beginning while you find a way to pose naturally and find your light is important! Don’t give up in the first 30 minutes if it’s awkward, because it gets easier fast.

Sharing Ideas

Chances are, you probably have a few directions or ideas in mind before the picture taking even begins. Make sure you share them with your photographer! Many times, making a Pinterest board with inspiration can help give some artistic guidance, but be open to their ideas, too.

At the start of your photoshoot, the two of you will discuss ideas on both ends, and find where in your location will be the best spot to try out some of the shots you both are eager to see.

The Outfit Change

Many photo shoots will feature you in multiple outfits, especially for senior pictures or family photos. Bring the outfits you want to wear, or a few options if you’re unsure, and then take inventory of the location you and your photographer have chosen. It’s a great idea to have the outfits included in the brainstorming phase so you can decide which to wear for what concepts, and where the best place to shoot them will be at.

Changing is another tricky subject. If you do plan on an outfit change, you should choose a shooting location that has a restroom or changing area closeby. As pretty as wide-open field shots are, it’s a little barren, and unless you want to change in your car… it could get awkward.


One of the hardest parts as the model in this scenario is knowing how to move your body in the right ways. You’re not a professional, and if it’s your first time getting professional photos done, you may feel a little insecure.

Try to be open to direction. A good photographer will be easy-going and try to keep you relaxed, but she may try and guide you a bit if you seem too posed or stiff in your pictures. Remember, she ultimately wants the best outcome for you, just like you! Bringing a friend may also help ease the stress of the job a bit, too, and keep you smiling and laughing organically.