Wedding Photos: Moving from the Tree Scape to an Urban, New Vibe

wedding photosMany new brides and grooms love showing off their wedding photos every chance they get. They truly believe that their wedding photos have captured the pure essence of their families and friends, and who can blame them? But when you begin thumbing through the pictures, whether you’re looking at a physical album or a virtual one on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media site, the backdrops are the same as a hundred other sets of wedding photos you’ve seen. Where’s the fun and excitement in that?

This is your special day! Don’t settle for tired backdrops or outdoor landscapes that cause your wedding photos to look like a million others out there. Instead, put some real thought into it and attempt to capture the spirit of your modern family. Here are some creative suggestions:
Have fun with your wedding photos!
While you want your wedding photos to appear professional, there’s no rule that says you can’t have some fun with them. Replace the tried-and-true background tree or lake with something that is more fitting to your personality. If you’re into classic cars, perhaps you can rent a couple for the day and have people pose around them. You might even want to utilize indoor locales or special locations such as amusement parks. The goal is for your pictures to define you as a couple.
Grab a piece of technology and go for it!
For better or worse, today’s modern family is wrapped up in technology at every turn. When’s the last time you met an adult (or reasonably aged kid, for that matter) who didn’t have a smartphone? Visit a place like Disneyland and you’ll see hundreds of people pulling out their cellphones to grab a picture throughout the day. Some even use tablets as their go-to camera. Use that to your advantage and have everyone in your wedding party texting on their cellphones and playing Angry Birds of their tablets in a photo or two. After all, this is how it’s like at home, so why should your wedding be any different?
Pick a wedding landscape that is more modern!
Yes, many of us want to have our wedding by the beach or in a vineyard. Those work for thousands of couples, and we’re definitely not going to disparage anyone from making the choice of such a beautiful venue. On the other hand, there’s no law that says your reception must be in the same type of place as your wedding. So find a location that seems more modern in the realm of reception areas so that many of your wedding photos can be taken there and provide some variety. Some examples include the base of a mountain, inside a cave, at a carnival, in a museum — the list literally goes on and on.
Don’t be afraid to geek out!
For couples of all ages, this is the era of being able to “geek out” without feeling ashamed of doing so. In addition to the advent of modern technology, the age of loving superheroes, zombies, and cosplay — and not being ostracized for it — is upon us. This opens up a wide range of wedding photo opportunities. Some couples will create a theme for the entire wedding, but this isn’t absolutely necessary. A great alternative is to grab some props or quick-change costumes that will reflect what you love (in addition to your new spouse, of course).
When it comes to wedding photos in the modern world, there are literally hundreds of choices. You can even opt to split your photos down the middle, with some representing the “traditional” look while others show a more playful side of your personality. The possibilities are absolutely endless!