Turn Your Fave Shirt into a Pillow for a High School Memento!

Do you love your high school? Why not turn your fave school shirt into a pillow as a memento! We work with some amazing high school senior vendors, and Stuffed Shirts is TRULY unique! A stuffed pillow makes a wonderful gift for your college-bound son or daughter. Visit www.stuffed-shirts.com and click on the “Showcase” option to read about the “Original Stuffed Shirt.” A favorite old shirt offers a unique sense of home and also comes with a pocket, so your new college student can have a place to store  a phone, MP3 player, alarm, special note, or trinket. Denver residents can call 303-587-7898 and avoid shipping costs by having your Stuffed Shirt delivered to a Centennial address. Kelly’s customers will receive an additional $5.00 discount!

Click here to book your senior session… Class of ’15 starts in May!