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Portrait Photography Tip #9 to Look DAMN Good: Teeth or No Teeth!

Tip #9 to look DAMN good for your portrait photography is all about showing your teeth… or not. You probably hear, “Say cheeeeeese!” all too often when taking a family photo on a vacation, but you don’t always have to show your teeth to look stunning in your portrait photography.

When you smile in the mirror, what face do you MOSTLY make? Do you smile with all your teeth, or do you show a “hint” of a smile? Whichever one is more YOU will look the best. It also helps to know what image you are trying to present and the person or audience you’re trying to attract. It’s easier to do a full smile, so practice your “no teeth” expression in the mirror if you wish to use that one! Sometimes people prefer not to smile with their teeth for portrait photography because they have teeth issues or braces,  so getting portrait photography can be especially challenging for them. Kelly Weaver Photography specializes in capturing the ESSENCE of you, so no matter how you prefer to smile, we will capture that sparkle in your eye!

What’s interesting is that a LOT of our smile actually comes from our EYES. Like Tyra Banks says, “SMIZE!” meaning, “Smile with your eyes!” If your eyes appear “dead” or without energy, it won’t matter what smile you make because you really connect with people first through your eyes.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want your smile and whole expression to appear authentic and natural. When you smile when someone says, “CHEESE!,” this usually isn’t the most authentic smile you can make for portrait photography. Try thinking of something you love, something that really lights you up. Then hold that thought in your mind and imagine sending that thought through to the camera. This can really help you appear more connected and enlivened, whether you’re smiling with teeth or with only your lips. And don’t forget, you can still DAZZLE your audience with a no-teeth grin.

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