Senior Pictures: A Senior talks confidence

Senior Pictures: A Senior talks confidence in a recent video

  • Thanks to Abby Lee from Arapahoe High school, for talking about feeling confident, something we all struggle with. Abby Lee admits there are all times when we just feel down and there are things Seniors can do to change what they do to feel better about themselves.
  • High School can be a tough time with a lot of pressure and mundane routines. So it’s important to build little things into your day to make you smile. For me, it’s a bright rhinestone ring. Every time I look at it, it makes me happy.
  • You can use certain objects and interject “words” into them, so that each time you see it, it reminds you of that word. Example: every time I look at my rhinestone ring, I think of the word JOY…YES, it works!

Watch and listen to Abby Lee’s video on confidence: 

Here are a few tips we came up along with Abby Lee’s ideas, to help you to have  CONFIDENCE and have fun during your day!

  • Wear “clicky heels or glittery eye liner”!
  • Bring inspirational quotes with you during your school day (and put them all over your room)
  • Eat a TWINKIE at lunch
  • Take selfies during the day to document what’s going on
  • Sit outside and notice what is around you (be PRESENT)…listen to the sounds, feel the grass, notice the light

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Senior Pictures – Arapahoe


Senior Pictures – Arapahoe


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