Senior Pictures Tip for Girls to Look DAMN GOOD: Go Shopping!

We know the ladies will love our tip #1 to look DAMN good for your senior pictures — Go shopping! Try spicing up your outfits with some accents, like a flashy pair of heels or some rockin’ boots with shorts or a cute skirt. A tailored, fitted shirt that gently hugs your waist is also very flattering. Keep in mind that V-necks are also very appealing. It can be challenging to know what to wear for senior pictures, so we here at Kelly Weaver Photography offer students the option to wear a few outfits and choose a few poses. Check out our packages to learn more.

senior pictures

These ladies have S.T.Y.L.E. The colors, accessories, and necklines make their photos POP!

BEFORE you go shopping, we suggest to keep in mind your budget and FIRST pick out some possible elements you know you want to wear for your senior pictures. Then make a list of possible accessories or elements you may need to complete the outfit. A WONDERFUL technique is this: When you open your closet, instead of just picking out what you THINK you want to wear, close your eyes and ask your BODY what it wants to wear. You will be AMAZED at how different the selection will be. You really want to wear something that makes your body happy, so get out of that thinking mind and feel into what makes you feel most like YOU!

Another fun tip is to think about what you KNOW you want to wear. For example, if you have a favorite accessory like a special necklace or scarf or earrings, then pick that out FIRST. Then, think about what you have that will help you SHOW OFF that prized accessory or what you may need to buy to embellish that accessory. Building an outfit around an accessory can be loads of fun because this isn’t usually the typical way we get dressed. Oftentimes, we pick out the accessories last, so try picking out the accessory FIRST!

If you decide to toss a stylish, brightly colored scarf around your shoulders, just make sure that it’s either a solid color or has a minimal pattern. If it’s too busy, it will distract from your gorgeous face. Choose fabrics with some texture, like tassels on scarves, soft leather with creases, a knitted sweater, beads, or feather earrings. If you want to go all out, you can even choose something formal such as an elegant dress! The key to having an awesome senior pictures session is to make it CREATIVE and FUN with a style that screams YOU!

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