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5 Reasons to Avoid the Dreaded FWAGC (Friend with a Good Camera) Pitfall When Taking Senior Yearbook Photos

For the first time in Colorado history, over 900,000 students are currently enrolled in the Centennial State – most of which probably have a smartphone in their pocket, right now.

Smartphone technology has provided millions of people with a high-quality camera available to them at any time, and many of those people take beautiful photos with those cameras. There are entire social media platforms basically devoted to the smartphone camera.

Despite the advances in smartphone camera tech, that friend with a good camera (FWAGC), aka everyone with a smartphone, still is most likely not a good choice to take your senior yearbook photos. Not because of any lack of skill on their part, but because of some specific reasons post-shoot that should be trusted to a professional senior yearbook photographer.

1. Specific Specifications

High schools have VERY specific specifications on what they will and won’t accept, if your yearbook picture doesn’t meet the specs, it’s NOT accepted. It can be weeks down the road before knowing your senior yearbook photos have been rejected. Don’t get stuck without a photo!

2. Cheap Shows

This is the time NOT to be OBVIOUS that you went cheap… I mean, who wants to stand out in a bad way in the yearbook?

3. Lasting Memories

The yearbook is what is pulled out at EVERY family reunion… again, who wants to look like they went cheap?

4. Retouching

Friends with good cameras can NOT retouch images, or if they do they look artificial and fake…it’s a fine art to retouch them just right.

5. A Story to Tell

A boy came to us recently who had gone to JC Penney’s for his yearbook picture in the Fall. They gave him a yearbook image with NO retouch (blemishes still in tact) and the pose was extremely unflattering. That experience and the final yearbook image actually affected him SO much that he was genuinely self-conscious about the way he looked.

When we photographed him, it completely CHANGED the way he looked at himself, and when we showed his mom the images from the back of my camera (at the session), she actually cried and thanked me.

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PENNY for Your Thoughts (and Image)

What WE do at Kelly Weaver Photography, that a FWAGC can NOT:

    • P is for PRO products
    • E is for EXPRESSION
    • N is for NO pressure
    • N is for natural
    • Y is for YEARBOOK

Don’t wait to get your senior yearbook photos done, call Kelly Weaver Photography today!