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Professional Pictures: Regularly Swap Your Profile Pic

Sometimes people ask me, “Why get more than just ONE image?” This is a great question. We’ve been taught that for professional pictures, we only need one and that we only need to swap it out every 5-10 years. Sometimes, people even use photos older than this! People go through seasons and are constantly growing and changing–it’s what we do best. We strive forward. We excel. We make leaps and bounds and do NOT settle for plateauing. Don’t you want your personal brand to capture this determination for success, too? Because doing so will definitely capture the attention of prospective employers and clients and even referral partners!

professional pictures

Capturing her PRO side

NOTHING will increase activity to your professional and personal social media sites more than swapping out your professional pictures on a REGULAR basis. In our opinion at Kelly Weaver Photography, we suggest to swap it out every month. So having at least five or six professional pictures makes a lot of sense because you’ll have enough photos to rotate them without over-repeating them.

We strive to capture WINNING, AUTHENTIC, and MAGNETIC professional pictures, so we work with a variety of natural lighting, poses, furnishings, and more. Regularly changing your professional pictures for social media keeps your profile fresh and active, which will help you better resonate with people looking for you.

What’s interesting is that your fave headshot can be different from your photographer’s fave shot and even your friend’s fave one. This is yet another reason why it’s a great to keep your professional pictures rotating regularly because you never know which image will attract someone more than another. Plus, seeing multiple “sides” of your expressions and personality can give people a MUCH better feel for you as a WHOLE person.

professional pictures

And here’s her side job pic

One of my recent clients featured in this post chose to have several professional pictures so that she could have a variety of business shots for her legal career as well as a few with her dog for her SIDE JOB, so you don’t have to limit your headshots to only your day job. And, of course, if you’re dating online, having a variety of casual shots will be much better than only one photo. People love seeing the many sides of YOU!

We offer two types of packages, one with two poses and one with five poses, and of course you can always add more if you want. Click here to learn more about our professional pictures and packages!