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Professional Pictures: Natural Lighting for Realtors

For realtors, it’s super important to connect with your clients immediately, and often this connection happens first with professional pictures. Gone are the days for stale, overly professional headshots because clients today want to connect with YOU first before they make the leap to invest in your services.

professional pictures

Warm and approachable

Sometimes professional pictures in studios can be a good thing, but for real estate agents, what’s much better is NATURAL lighting and being photographed in your environment — a beautiful home! Kelly Weaver Photography’s location has background option that boasts the look and feel of a home, and it is something UNIQUE to us. When realtors work with us, a big PLUS for them is our location because realtors actually look like they are IN a beautiful, upscale home, and this element alone will really help you attract home buyers and sellers much more than a fake, stuffy background. As a realtor, you are working with clients to buy or sell something very meaningful to them, so it’s important that you appear approachable, and having professional pictures in a location that looks homey with soft window light and rich furnishings really sets the tone for your pictures. You need to appear trustworthy and dependable, so investing in professional pictures that really CONNECT with your audience will elevate the first impressions your clients have of you.

professional pictures

Light, bright, and homey

Your image needs to tell a story, and it should align with what you want to convey. Do you want to convey an upscale, light, bright, comfortable, warm, successful feeling? A place where a buyer could see themselves, a place where a seller might say, “That looks like my home?” If so, you may want to get professional pictures using our lovely, home-like location as a backdrop for your professional pictures.

Alternatively, if your real estate firm has a location that you would prefer using instead of ours, we have a Natural Light option ($500 per hour, 2-hour minimum) during which several real estate agents can be photographed. This is another great option for companies who want to capture an engaging, warm, and approachable feeling. Our Natural Light option is perfect for companies who want to not only show off the personality of those being photographed but also want to give clients a sense of what it is like to be IN your office or your corporate culture.

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