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Portrait Photography: “Teaming up” by Using Collages

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, it’s important to keep employee portrait photography current. As soon as you add new team members, you need to include them in your print and online marketing materials. This can become costly for companies if they tend to have a regular employee turnover, so the best way to remedy this is to take individual photos of all the employees and group teams in collages.

Portrait Photography

Capturing WINNING teams

Of course, team group photos are great, and you can do these, too, but sometimes teams change, or one person is on a couple teams, so doing collages is a really convenient way to highlight these various teams. Instead of having to update a complete team photo, you can simply have Kelly Weaver Photography come to your location (or have your new employee visit our office), and we can take portrait photography of this employee, which you can add to a new collage. It’s super easy to swap people out or add new members this way, and it’s a lot more cost-effective and saves a lot of time. Instead of the entire team needing to be there for new group photos, you only need the new team member to show up for a portrait photography shoot.

Teams collages (and group shots) of two-to-three employees are what we do best, and we specialize in capturing LAWYERS who work on the same litigation issues, REAL ESTATE AGENTS, and POWER PARTNERS within an organization. These clients are big for us because they frequently work together in teams, and we LOVE capturing them.

Portrait Photography

Collages make adding new team members to photos EASY

What’s great about working with Kelly Weaver Photography is that we create the collages right in our office. We can do a variety of layouts, too. Text, no text, staff members’ names with or without their title, and more! You can also use your company logo and/or use your brand color for the collage background. There are lots of choices for backgrounds, too. You can do textures and patterns or solid colors, and you can also choose to do certain frame colors around the portrait photography!

You can use your team collage for a table easel in your office to greet your clients or put it in your “About Us” or “Our Team” webpage on your site. Also, team collages are a GREAT IDEA for company holiday greeting cards.

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