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Portrait Photography: From Cheesy to REAL Realtor Photos!

Did you know Kelly Weaver Photography SPECIALIZES in Real Estate portrait photography? Why? Mostly it’s because of the location we use. We believe it’s important to be photographed in an environment that attracts an audience, and for realtors, that environment must feel HOMEY, comfy, cozy, and successful. It’s important to “paint the picture,” which includes not only helping realtors appear approachable but also placing them in an environment that makes sense. All of our indoor locations feature rich furnishings with texture and soft window light, and these elements make our portrait photography look like realtors are in a beautiful, upscale home. In photos of realtors, depending on their unique personality and values, it’s important to capture a feeling of friendliness, professionalism, power, success, prosperity, wealth, responsibility, trustworthiness or INTEGRITY.

Portrait Photography

This photo evokes POWER & SUCCESS

Integrity is a BIG element to bring into portrait photography for realtors for many reasons, one being that a house certainly isn’t cheap, so you want to make sure you have someone representing you whom you can trust. One of the best ways to do this is through portrait photography. Oftentimes, realtor photos come across as cheesy, cheap, and sometimes even sleazy. Even before portrait photography became popular in marketing and branding for business in general, it was a staple in the real estate industry, yet many people feel that this approach is off-putting, self-centered, and fake. BUT it doesn’t have to be!

I believe one of the main reasons clients feel this way is because the photos used are not authentic to the PERSON, the real estate agent. Everyone is unique, so it’s essential for their values and personality to come across immediately in photos. Everything from the background, colors, body-language pose, type of smile, accessories to the photo angle and more help capture the TRUE YOU. Plus, trends are showing that the “old style” studio backgrounds are not the way to go anymore. Ditch the staged backdrops and get CREATIVE with how present yourself in your real estate business!

portrait photography

The leather chair and details add RICHNESS

Even before real estate agents meet meet their clients, more often than not the clients see photos of them first. Creating a genuine HUMAN CONNECTION in a photo, therefore, is essential to be a successful real estate agent. And it gives clients a good idea of what it will be like working with you. In the photo above, you see a gentleman with an open, powerful pose and a strong background, both important elements to communicate to a client. This portrait photography captures his professionalism and ability to close a deal through strength of character and confidence.

In the following photo, a lady is sitting attentively in a rich-looking chair with decorative details, and she is wearing a red outfit and jewelry; all of these elements create a vibe of creativity, prosperity, and warmth. This portrait photography captures her ability to really listen to a client’s and creatively problem-solve. It also conveys her approach to business as being successful. The sky’s the limit for how you want to communicate with prospective clients through symbolism.

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