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Portrait Photography: Balancing Cute and Fun for Headshots

Portrait Photography

portrait photography

Denver headshot with MOTION and energy!

Professional portrait photography can be, quite literally, the face of your entire business. It’s often the first thing that a potential customer comes into contact with. You want to get it just right, which is why hiring a skilled photographer is absolutely essential. That being said, there’s no reason why your headshot can’t mix cute and fun with professional, as long as you don’t go overboard.

Putting your best foot forward
In today’s competitive business market, it’s necessary to always put your best foot forward. Part of this strategy includes the use of portrait photography that will help show what makes your business stand out. Some people think they need to be a model if their headshot is to succeed, but this isn’t true in the least. When potential customers approach your business and see a face that represents that business, what they’re looking for is integrity, professionalism, and yes, a little normalcy. After all, no one likes a stick in the mud. They need someone who they can relate with.
What a professional headshot says about you
In this current age of technology, a professional headshot is utilized in a number of different ways. Whereas certain business persons, such as attorneys and whatnot, would plaster their mugs on bus benches and billboards in the past, the world has opened up drastically since then. These days, it’s all about websites and online content. Sure, business cards are still needed, and you definitely want great portrait photography if it’s going to be hanging out in a person’s wallet all day. But between your business’ website, Facebook, Twitter, and other sources of social media and online presence, the world’s virtual wallet is a much more powerful tool for your company and its bottom line.
Come across as a real person
The truth is, people — especially “youths” — don’t trust business men and women who appear too professional in their portrait photography. Wearing a suit to work in many industries is probably never going to go away. Even in the future, when everyone is adorned with silver suits (based on what old science fiction movies tell us), there will probably be some kind of tie involved. However, what potential customers often look for is a person who looks “normal,” which basically means that when they’re in an ornate office discussing finances, legal matters, or whatnot, the person on the other side of the desk should look like someone that the potential customer might at least say hello to in a social setting. This is why your headshot should come across as cute and fun. Potential clients want to know that you’re on their level.
Make sure you don’t take it too far
It’s time to play Devil’s Advocate. Although it’s important that your professional portrait photography appears cute and fun, you need to strike a balance. You need to inject enough professionalism so that you don’t look like a snot-nosed kid right out of high school who has no idea what he or she is doing. Depending on your business, you may very well wear a suit or dress, but make sure that you’re smiling and appear relaxed at all times. Another suggestion is to utilize a background that’s out of the ordinary or helps you stand out. We’re not saying to dress up in a superhero outfit (unless that’s your style) — simply think about the face and personality that you want to show the world.
Your portrait photography should always display professionalism, but there’s nothing better than mixing in a little fun. Connecting with potential clients is  paramount to success, and this is just another way to help you accomplish your goals.