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Portrait Photography: Add LIGHT to Church Staff Photos!

Most staff directories for organizations like churches use the old style when capturing portrait photography, which is the traditional blue backdrop.

Portrait Photography

Bright and welcoming!

Not only do photos in this style look old, but also they feel stuffy and out of touch with the audience, who in this case are active or potential church members. If you want to add new members of your congregation, it’s essential to really CONNECT with them. After all, isn’t connection and the feeling of being in a family what it’s all about?

When looking at your portrait photography, a prospective member should get an authentic sense of your church’s environment and get a FEEL for the church ambiance. Most people are looking for a church home, so staff portrait photography should make prospective members feel AT HOME, comfortable, and invited into the community. One way to do this is to have Kelly Weaver Photography come directly to your church environment and photograph your staff members in the place where they work and connect with others. Perfect places for capturing this homey feel are near windows, next to large, comfortable furnishings, or near beautiful lighting. As we know, LIGHTING is tremendously important in spiritual communities, so it makes sense to capture the light of your church.

Another important consideration for your portrait photography is to have your staff members use a variety of poses. You don’t want everyone doing the exact same pose because everyone will look alike, and the photos will feel fake and cookie-cutter-like. Gone are the days when staff directories have to be super conservative, traditional, and boring. Today, it’s important to make your portrait photography feels warm and approachable. In this blog post, you can see photos of staff members at Mission Hills. We photographed them in a coffee shop on church premises. We had them pose near bright windows sitting in comfy chairs.

Portrait Photography

Warm and approachable!

You could even do a group photo for the beginning of the staff directory and have everyone stand outside the church so you can capture portrait photography with the church doors in the background. The more inviting and accepting you make your staff directory feel, the better because the images will connect with your prospective members.

Now that we’re nearing the holiday season, it’s a great time to refresh old staff directories, especially since many new people visit churches during this time. Let’s make them feel invited and welcome by capturing truly authentic portrait photography! Click here to learn more about how we can help you with your professional headshots today.