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Tell the Story of Your High School Journey with A Great Senior Portrait Package

senior picturesIt’s that time of year: Senior pictures time! It may be hard to believe that your baby is all grown up and ready for senior year. Or maybe senior year hasn’t come soon enough. Regardless of how you feel, senior year is a once in a life time event. You will only be a senior once. With this once in a lifetime event, you can’t just grab your phone and snap some photos with a good filter and call it good. You need more, you need Kelly Weaver Photography.

Why You Need a Professional for Great Senior Pictures

Cameras are everywhere. Pretty much every phone has a camera, and with filter apps, you can take photos that appear to be professional, but no matter how skilled you are at using that camera on your phone, or even that fancy professional camera, it won’t be as quality as if you used a professional.

In life there are a few things that are as momentous that require a professional photographer, those once in a lifetime events like weddings and senior pictures. You wouldn’t ask your friend to photograph your wedding, don’t settle for unprofessional senior pictures from your friend.

Why You Need Kelly Weaver Photography

Professionals are everywhere, but why go with Kelly Weaver Photography instead of someone else? Kelly Weaver and her team go beyond the basics. They know what angles and lighting work best. They know how to use color and texture to the advantage. They can use all the elements in your favor to make you look more than just a cheesy smile. They will make you look like you!

Beyond the technical aspects of photography, Kelly Weaver Photography adds that touch of personality. Not too long ago a mother and her son came looking to do senior pictures. They had gone with a different service and found that they were unhappy with the results.

Besides the lighting and poses being cut-rate, he didn’t look like himself.

When you go with Kelly Weaver Photography, you get a team that goes for the personal touch. They will ask you questions about you. She will get to know you so your photos come out looking like you and not some strange doppelganger.

At Kelly Weaver Photography, we know the significance and importance of your senior pictures and we want you to be happy with quality photos that not only look amazing, but they look like you!

Extra Mile Services

Kelly Weaver and her team aren’t just any photographer, They are THE photography team that will do everything she can to ensure you have the experience and photos to remember. Her knowledge of lighting, angles, colors, and poses can make you look twenty pounds lighter. If you want that “wow” factor, Kelly Weaver Photography is where to go.

Gentle “Natural” Retouching

You and your family want your pictures to come out looking like you, the real you and not that alternate universe version of you. We avoid retouching techniques that will end up making you look like a department store mannequin modeled after you. We can do retouching that can remove your braces or enhance your teeth or reduce gum puffiness from having your braces taken off.  

A Great Experience

Taking pictures can be an awkward and uncomfortable situation. It can be hard to relax and put your most comfortable and true self forward. This is why we limit how many senior portrait sessions we do each year. We want to get to know you and become more than “just that person that took your pictures”, we want to be friends. Your senior pictures only happen once, why not make it an enjoyable, memorable experience.

Images that Stand Out

Look at last year’s senior portraits in the yearbook. Does it look like a sea of sameness? Don’t be a face in the crowd. Kelly Weaver portraits stand out (in a good way). Your portrait will pop off the page and catch everyone’s eye. We have many backgrounds to choose, from urban to rural, we have something that will make you feel comfortable and look great.

Unparalleled Professional Results

Don’t wake up the morning after regretting your senior portraits. With Kelly Weaver Photography, there will be no regrets. The professionalism from booking the appointment, taking the photos, and having them sent to you will be a dream come true. These are portraits you will not just send to grandma, but hang in your home, share with your friends, and cherish forever.

If you’re ready to schedule your senior portrait session contact us today!!