Senior Pictures

About to be a High School Senior? Get Pics Now!

About to be a High School Senior? Get Pics Now!

It can be hard to believe that your little boy or girl is now almost grown-up. You can remember them on their first day of school with so many years ahead, and now they’re about to be a high school senior! This is a moment, as a parent, you may want to cherish. That is why the team at  Kelly Weaver Photography are proud to offer senior photos in Denver.

Now is the best time of year to snap those senior pictures in Denver. It’s summer, the weather is gorgeous, and the new school year is about to begin. Also, keep in mind senior yearbook images are due at the start of the school year, so don’t wait until school has started.  That being said, we pride ourselves in our ability to accommodate those who have waited too long by turning around a finished yearbook image in 24 hours if necessary.

Before your teen has a chance to say no, book a session with Kelly Weaver Photography and have those senior pictures in Denver snapped before they’re off to College! The best part is, we only take 50 senior pictures per year. This means your child’s photo will be one of very few like it! In fact, we aim to make the process as individualized as possible.

So how does it work? Below are some tips to ensure you get the best senior pictures in Denver.

Don’t Settle on One Outfit

It may be strange telling your teen they can choose more than one outfit, but that’s something Kelly Weaver Photography encourages. If they can’t decide on what to wear, that’s a good thing!

Bring a few different complete outfits – including shoes and accessories – and we can arrange several different photos in each outfit. Some will be head and shoulders, some may be mid-shots, and some may be full body shots. The more variety we can offer, the better it is for your senior pictures in Denver!

However, even though it’s encouraged that you bring several different outfits – don’t bring four different black dresses. For the best senior photos in Denver, choose different styles. This could include formal, casual, outdoor clothing and semi-formal. Choose clothing that reflects the senior’s own personal style, not clothing that will impress grandma. You want your teen to feel as comfortable as possible and this can be achieved through allowing them to express their own clothing style.

Choose a Shoot that Suits You

Senior photos in Denver don’t have to involve just your teen – we have 3 of 4 senior packages which allow the senior to involve mom and dad, as well as any brothers and sisters with a complimentary family session.  We want the senior session to be just about and for the senior.  We will shoot in different locations for families.  We even help the senior create their online personality profile to allow the senior to share their interests such as favorite movie, hobbies, music interests, and more with the intention of engagement within the session and having their true self-represented online.

Kelly Weaver Photography offers more than just senior photos in Denver, we also offer family photos that capture that special moment in time – the time your teen became a high school senior. Contact us to find out more about how to turn that memorable moment in your family to a mantelpiece-worthy photograph. We have several different packages to choose from, and each one is individualized to your family.

Make a Day of it

The new school year is about to start, so when you’ve decided to get senior photos in Denver taken, why not spoil your teen for the day? After all, with another busy year ahead and the weather so mild, there’s every reason to take advantage of the day.
Take a trip to the Littleton Museum, or why not show your competitive side with Colorado Journey Miniature Golf? We are surrounded by fun things to do and see here in Littleton, so get your senior photo in Denver and enjoy yourself while you’re at it!

There are also more benefits to making a day out of it than you realize. Often teens don’t enjoy getting their photo taken and this can show in the photos. If you plan a full, fun day out with family and friends, the photos will be the icing on the cake of what was an extraordinary experience. It also helps to remind your senior that they will be getting a stunning yearbook photo they can look back on for years to come.

Getting senior photos in Denver taken can be an emotional experience for parents. Your baby is all grown up and you’re not sure where the time has gone. Treasure the memory and capture the experience with Kelly Weaver Photography. We are dedicated to helping you savor every moment.