Get Your Family Photos Ready for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years is all rapidly approaching, and one the first one hits, it’s non-stop festivities until next year. One great way to stay ahead of the curve and not fall behind on your task list is by tackling the annual family photo early. No more generic Christmas cards you send out to family and friends without a good family photo attached to show your growth through the year!

How To Be Ready For Family Photos

Taking Denver family pictures is a big event! It memorializes a chapter of many lives within your family to be looked back at for years to come, so everything has to be just so. Unfortunately, this can cause extra stress for whoever is the organizer of the whole thing. To cut out the worry, this simple run-down of how to prepare your photos for the holidays will show you how to efficiently get the job done, and get the best result.

Booking The Photoshoot

Find a trusted photographer and ask about their fees and specialties. Make sure you look at their past work and reviews. If it’s still a good match, you can ask about their availability and openings in their schedule for a shoot.

Once you have booked your appointment with the photographer, it’s time to move directly into the preparation part of the process.

Preparing For The Photos

Here are a few easy secrets that will help you nail the photoshoot and get the best family picture of the bunch!

  • Pick outfits in advance
  • Schedule hair appointments for the day of or before
  • Do all the washing and ironing a day or two before the shoot and leave the clothes out the night before
  • Arrive 15 minutes early
  • Tell your photographer the theme or color scheme at the time of the booking (or the soonest you know)
  • Discuss the options available for retouching, deliverables, and time frames
  • Allow a little extra time to arrive at the location of the photoshoot (in case of traffic or delays)
  • Go to the bathroom before you begin taking pictures

On the Scene of the Shoot

Once you’ve arrived to the location, changed and primped yourself for the pictures, and talked through a gameplan with your photographer, it’s time to get started. You and your family will gather on the set, smile and pose, and deal with the flash from a camera for a little while now.

A few good things to remember during this part:

  • Keep food and drinks off limits until after the pictures are taken
  • Ask for plenty of variety, and move around to create more unique shots to choose from
  • Listen to your photographer
  • Use distraction methods for grumpy or unfocused kids
  • Take all the pics of the younger kids first, then group shots, and then other solo or partial sets
  • Allow time for bathroom breaks

Provide direction, if prompted, for how you’d like retouching to be handled