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Family Photos: Tips to Create Stunning Portraits, Part 6

Welcome to Part 6 in our series of family photos tips to create stunning portraits! If you didn’t see the earlier ones, here are Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4, and Part 5.

family photos

A LOVELY family photo!

Set the Tone BEFORE the Shoot
Oftentimes, parents unknowingly put a lot of pressure on their children before the photo shoot by telling them that they need to be good and smile. This pressure to perform will only hinder the family photos session. If you want your children to look forward to the photo shoot, make the day special and only focus on the day being fun. If you tell them that it’s a special day and it will be enjoyable, they will focus on that instead of feeling pressure. Let them run around and play. The photographer can capture some really playful and fun family photos that way! And if you let them run around a little before the shoot, they will be more likely to sit down and behave.

Use Natural Props, Settings, and Poses
Props aren’t usually necessary for family photos, but if you want to use them, make sure they appear natural. Sometimes it can be a really nice touch to have your young child holding a favorite toy or something intriguing, like a paper airplane. In Autumn, it can be really fun to be playful and throw leaves up into the air. Make sure to not overuse the props. Just take a few shots with the props and then put them aside so that if the props turn out to look awkward, you will at least have some shots without them

Rules Can be Broken!
There’s always room to be silly! Perhaps you want your whole family to take some family photos wearing all red shoes, or maybe you all want to wear very busy Christmas sweaters. It’s always okay to break the rules for a few shots; just make sure you plan your photo shoot wisely and time when everyone will change into the funny clothing or pull out the silly props.

Don’t Forget Your FAVORITE Family Members!
If you have pets, why not have a few family photos with THEM in the pictures? It can be a wonderful addition to the collection of photos you will capture. If you do choose to go this route, it is best to invite a friend to the photo shoot so that they can take care of the animal for the other family photos you will want without your beloved pet.

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