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Family Photos: Tips to Create Stunning Portraits, Part 5

Welcome to Part 5 in our series of family photos tips to create stunning portraits! If you didn’t see the earlier ones, here are Part 1Part 2Part 3, and Part 4.

family photos

Beautiful sisters in chic boots!

Single Out the Siblings!
One of the great things about family photos sessions is you can create smaller groups of family members, and it can be lots of fun to include photos of just the siblings! These photos oftentimes turn out playful, sweet, and sometimes silly! Here’s a fun pose with two sisters who are rockin’ their
adorable western boots! You can also have a pose with a brother and sister hugging, which is a very lovely way to capture their relationship… when they’re not driving each other crazy!

Sweet embrace

Alert Small Children Early
It’s important to make little kids feel important and included, so make sure to let them know early that they will be part of family photos. You can show them a picture of the photographer and explain to them where the photo session
will take place and what the plans are. As parents know, new people and places can make little children uncomfortable, so the more you prepare them, the easier it will be to capture a candid photo of them. If your children are early shy, you can even take them ahead of time to the location of the photo and let them explore. They will appreciate this, and so will you.

Choose an Incentive
If you’re concerned that your children will misbehave or be grumpy, one way to avoid this is to offer them incentive if needed. You can give the bribe, be it a toy or treat, to the photographer and let her choose when to use the bribe. You don’t want to overuse the bribe, so giving it to the photographer will ensure that you capture the attention of your child if it’s needed. And it’s much more powerful if the photographer gets to say if the family goes out for a treat after the family photos session. Make sure to choose the bribe before the photo shoot.

Choose the Time Wisely
If you know your children get grumpy in the afternoon, do your family photos in the morning. Kids oftentimes become fussy when they’re hungry or tired, so make sure they have plenty of food and rest before the shoot, and you may even want to bring a small, mess-free snack for them if they have an unexpected hunger. Make sure not to nag your children. If you are working with a professional photographer, let him or her be in charge of capturing that candid shot of your child. If you tell your children that they’re not smiling right, they will get anxious and it may ruin the chance for the photographer to capture priceless family photos.

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