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Family Photos: Tips to Create Stunning Portraits, Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of how to create stunning family photos! Be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2. Here are some new tips we’ve rounded up just for you!

family photos

Soft lighting is always a winner!

Choose Shade
Choose settings like under trees or awnings to diffuse the harsh sunlight. The faces in the family photos will appear less dark, and you’ll be able to see the background much better. If you do want to shoot in natural lighting, it’s best to shoot early in the morning or late in the evening when the lighting is less direct and bright. Also keep an eye out for “patches” of light. Sometimes when you sit under a tree, you may get a patch of light on the nose, which is not flattering. It’s best to have consistent lighting instead of lighting splatters.

Spend Time Picking the Photographer
It’s essential that you “click” with the photographer and his or her style. If you want mostly black and white photos, for example, choose someone who specializes in that style. If you like natural, candid shots, be sure your photographer doesn’t prefer posing people in a brightly lit studio. Have a list of questions prepared before you speak with the photographer, as this will help you determine if he or she is a good fit. Everyone will enjoy the photo shoot so much more when you like your photographer!

Selecting Colors
When selecting colors, consider choosing a palette with neutral color and a color that POPS. This helps create a natural family look without the family appearing like they’re matching too much. Or you can try wearing complementary colors. You want to create a color scheme rather than everyone wearing the SAME color. If everyone wears white, they can easily blend in together too much. It’s important to shy away from patterns especially with larger groups. Sometimes patterns can work if they’re not too busy, but the important thing is not to take the focus away from the face.

Consider Coordinating with Home Décor
Chances are, your family photos will grace your living room walls or hallways for years to come. So another idea when selecting clothing colors for your family photos is to use the color scheme of your home décor. This can add a really nice touch to your home style. If you’re home has really natural, neutral colors, choose colors that complement this color palette.

Stay tuned to future tips to creating stunning family photos! And click here to schedule a family photo session today!