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Family Photos: Tips to Create Stunning Portraits, Part 2

Here’s Part 2 to our series of how to create stunning family photos. To see Part 1, click here.

Stagger Heads & Flatter!
As you’re grouping family members, consider their height. If you have everyone’s heads all lined up in a row, it doesn’t create a lot of variation and can sometimes look awkward or silly depending on the pose. Having a variance of head heights makes family photos feel more natural. Also consider your family member’s body types and pose them in flattering ways.

Close the Gap
Keep an eye out for gaps and place family members close together. If someone is much taller than their partner or the rest of the group, have that person stand with their feet further apart, or choose a pose in which everyone is sitting in a group on the ground.

family photos

A natural background and a good example of staggering the the heads.

Consider the Background
Make sure you don’t have a busy, distracting background. Usually a natural setting works best. The larger your family group, the less control you have with keeping the background to a minimum. Try different angles and see which angle makes the background the least distracting.

Think Ahead
Pick out your outfit and have it cleaned and ready to go a few days before your shoot. If you think about your family photos the day before, you’ll run out of time and be stressed with getting everything together. Sometimes, family members want to go shopping for new clothing or accessories, so definitely do this several days at least before your shoot. And if someone wants to cut their hair before the shoot, it’s important to do this at least a week before because a very fresh cut can sometimes look too severe, and on boys or men, the cut may be too short, so allowing a week or two to let the new haircut “settle” will help.

End on a Light Note
Don’t take the photo shoot too seriously or no one will have fun. Toward the end of the session, capture a few really silly and whacky family photos, or even do this earlier if you feel that the energy is dwindling to enliven the group of family members. Have everyone come together in a really tight group hug, or have everyone gather on the ground together, or as mentioned in Part 1 of this blog post series, try a piggyback!

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