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Family Photos: Tips to Create Stunning Portraits, Part 1

We’re kicking off a new blog post series for family photos because we LOVE helping families capture truly beautiful and authentic pictures with their loved ones. It can be a challenge to capture good family pictures because the more people, the more elements you have to consider, so here are some tips we’ve created to help you. And, don’t forget, Kelly Weaver Photography can help you capture that winning, grinning shot! Here’s how.

family photos

Be Goofy!

There’s a different between goofy-looking family photos versus families having a goofy, grand time in the photos. It’s definitely a balance, but one really great way to pull this off is to do a playful piggyback! It immediately makes people smile and laugh, and it’s a fun way to capture family interaction, and these shots can turn out priceless! Anyone who looks at this piggybacking family photo we captured immediately smiles and laughs along with this fun-loving family!

 Capture the Kids’ Attention
If there are kids or babies in the family, do your best to capture their attention. Ask a friend to come along and assist you with your family photos. Try bringing a squeaky toy, or make some funny faces at them. And remind the parents NOT to look at their kids — because you want the adults looking at the camera, too! This is easy for parents to do. When you FINALLY get the kids to look AT the camera, the parents are looking away! So be sure that everyone is looking at the camera.

 That’s My ‘Bad’ Side!
Be aware of what your family members might be self-conscious of. If someone is concerned about their double chin, try a slightly higher camera angle that’s just above their eyes. This helps stretch out their chin and lessen the the emphasis on this area. Also, everyone has a side to their face that is a little more flattering than the other, or sometimes people have a bump on their nose, so consider what side is most appealing and use that angle.

 Arrange Your Loved Ones in “Small Groups”
Instead of thinking of family photos as one big group of people, it really helps to imagine the family portrait as multiple “mini-groups” that make up the whole group. As you place your family members together, think of them gathering in twos and threes. This will also help the composition of the piece.

Stay tuned for our Part 2 of how to create stunning family photos! And click here to schedule a family photo session with us today!