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Family Photos: How to AVOID Awkward Family Pics!

Family Photos

Have you seen those ridiculous family photos circling the ‘net? There’s something about family photos that attracts cheese-ball and simply ridiculous ideas. And for some reason, family photos can get really awkward really fast! All too often, the poses just look awkward, so here are some tips on what NOT to do in your family photos! But first, here’s a funny link to some really awkward family holiday photos that are sure to make you laugh.

Grouping Family Members
How do you make a hug or hand on the shoulder not appear sappy or too sentimental? We suggest not even “thinking” about where to put hands or else it can look too posed. Just HUG like you normally do. It’s best to avoid using fingers over the shoulders because they often appear a bit “spider like” — and these are HOLIDAY photos, NOT Halloween photos! The best pictures are those displaying SOME connection such as hugging, holding hands, looking over someone’s shoulder versus the family photos that harbor a lot of “negative space,” meaning when family members are spaced apart.

family photos

Walking, talking, AND laughing makes for a fun family photo!

We love to capture interaction, so we often suggest just taking a few steps and walking somewhere together, and while you are walking, make each other “laugh” like this lovely photo above. Talking to one another during the photo shoot will help you capture a more candid feel. Even laughing or “fake” laughing will get everyone really laughing, which helps with a natural smile.

Bend It, Baby!
Another tip is if it bends, like a knee or elbow, then bend it. If your legs and arms are completely straight, it will most likely look awkward. And a golden rule is if it FEELS awkward, then it probably LOOKS awkward! That’s why we love doing our family photos when the family is MOVING, like walking, talking and looking at one another. This helps capture the natural bend and feel for the body and the body language with the family members.

Don’t Overdo the Creative ‘Genius’
Of course it’s fun to get creative when taking photos, but doing a pose like what we call the “Toboggan Shot,” which is having everyone sitting awkwardly on a tree branch or fence, will have everyone laughing, but for the wrong reasons. Don’t get too creative. Creativity is a wonderful thing, but sometimes ideas are better left in your mind. Search for “awkward family photos” on the internet, and you will see way too many family shots that just look WRONG! You want people to remember your family for its love and beauty, not for awkwardness.

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