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Denver Professional Portraits with “Eye Connection”

Denver professional portraits are a key component in our businesses. People still BUY people, therefore an image that connects to your audience is instrumental.

So, exactly how DO you connect with your audience through your headshot? The answer– Body language and EYE connection. Both are important, however EYE connection ranks as #1. Eye connection is that “twinkle” in your eye, that little “I-have-a-secret look.” Eye connection is a way to engage, and when you nail it, your headshot will capture attention.

Before we say anything else, it’s important that you know WHAT you want your headshot to say about you as that will determine what your headshot looks like and how it comes across.

Many of our clients tell us they want to appear: “approachable,” “confident”, “trustworthy” and “professional”.  All of these words can be expressed through body language (mostly using a slightly leaned in pose) as well as eye connection. Here’s what we mean by “slightly leaned in”:

professional portraits


Notice in this headshot, she is not only leaning in (engaging) she is CONNECTED with her eyes. The smile AFTER a full out laugh is usually the best expression.





Now, let’s talk “Eye connection” more specifically with regard to Denver professional portraits... when we pose our clients, we try and help them to create it. To get it, we often say, “pop a bit of JOY in your eyes”, or “twinkle” a bit. We can often get great eye connection when we get a full out LAUGH, and it’s the expression right AFTER the full out smile that is usually best.

Here is an example of a local Realtor (Pie Konchar) at Madison & Company Properties, LTD who could teach us all a thing or two about eye connection. When Pie walks into a room, he immediately commands attention because of his warm, sincere, and caring expression. So, we propositioned him for this post so we could show our readers.

professional portraits

professional portraits








See how Pie’s expression just makes you stop for a minute and LOOK at the image because of the way he is looking into the lens?

Another way YOU can create great eye connection in your headshot is to think about something that made you laugh hysterically. Perhaps it was shooting at the wrong basket when you were in a high school basketball game (oh, that would be ME), or when your dog stuck his nose in the WRONG place when your boss came to dinner. Then, when the photographer says “say cheese” (and that won’t be us by the way), you can think of this special memory.


Think about something FUN you will be doing AFTER the photo session. We have a TON of cute stores around our downtown Littleton studio, so I can get great eye connection when I talk about the bubble bath store around the corner, or grabbing a latte at Spur Coffee shop (they do LATTE Art in your coffee’s foam!)…fabulous

So the next time you are considering your Denver professional portraits think about some funny memories or things you are looking forward to, so when the photographer says, “look here” you will REALLY LOOK into the lens in a believable and captivating way.

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