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How to Pose for a Good Business Headshot

Preparing for Denver Headshots

If you type the words “Glamour Shots” into any search engine, the results are bound to give you a good laugh. Regardless of how humorous those 80’s and 90’s photos are, however, you know they are not what you want for your business headshot. How you present yourself will speak volumes. This is particularly important on your website and in other aspects of your business.

The idea of a headshot may send a feeling of dread into your stomach. After all, the DMV and your high school yearbook have records of how terrible you can look in a photo. But we at Kelly Weaver Photography can make your Denver headshots session less like going to the dentist and more like a walk in the park.

After you’ve prepared yourself and employees, use these tips to get Denver headshots that will sing.


It’s a headshot, so starting with your head makes sense. Pull out your driver’s license. What do you hate about that picture? Translating a 3D object (your face) to a 2D plane (the picture) tends to flatten it out and make it look broader than it is. There are ways to keep you from looking like you have pug chin in your picture. First is to keep your chin down, then put your ears or forehead forward.  

Another way to keep from looking larger than life is to face a 2/3rds turn. This can make you look slimmer and happier.

If you have long hair, that will need to be posed properly too. Hair put in the wrong spot can ruin a photo. We can help keep that hair in check. Generally long hair flatters best if half is over one shoulder and the other half behind. However, if you always wear your hair a certain way, you don’t need to change it.


When you stand naturally, it can actually look awkward in a photo. Lifting your arm slightly can actually help your shoulders look more natural. If you’re not keen on that idea, a pose where you are slightly leaning on a wall, fence, or other object can be a more natural and flattering pose.


You never really think about your arms or hands until the camera comes out and suddenly, you don’t know what to do with these strange appendages hanging off your body. If you suddenly don’t know what to do with your hands, well, try to keep them to a minimum in the picture. Your hand is about the same size as your face and can look giant and awkward in a photo.

A safe pose is the crossed arm look. It’s classic and paired with the lean, it can be just the ticket to a classy business headshot.


This is a headshot, so why would legs play a role? Well your legs will affect the rest of your body. Shifting your weight to your back foot can help the rest of your body fall into the 2/3rds pose and help you look more natural.

Legs can also be in the frame if you are doing a sitting pose. A sitting pose can soften the overall look. It can also create a fantastic shot for partners.

If you’re feeling too stiff and awkward in the photo shoot, ask to go for a walk. Walking can loosen up your body and lead to amazing results. Walking will help you relax and even smile naturally resulting in a perfect headshot.


If you want to stick out from the normal sitting, leaning, crossed arm business head shots, then an action shot may be what you are looking for. Sometimes incorporating something of who you are or what you do can add to the affect. If you are a yoga instructor, sitting in a pose might be the best thing for you. Maybe you make wood carvings, stand next to or hold one of your pieces. Putting a bit of you into the photo makes it more personal, relatable, and will result in a better picture.

If you are ready for your Denver headshots, contact us today and we can help you find that perfect look.