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How to Prepare Your Employees for Their Corporate Headshots

denver group corporate headshots

Denver Group Corporate Headshots – How to Prepare

In school, there was nothing more dreadful than picture day. Your mom probably bought some cheesy outfit that you would never wear again, coat your hair in loads of product, and send you off to school with the warning to not ruin your clothes. When the pictures came back, you’d have some weird look on your face.

You’re not forever doomed to have horrible professional photos, with a little preparation, you can love your denver group corporate headshots.



You may have a favorite shirt, but chances are, that shirt is not appropriate for a photo shoot. Avoid white or lighter clothing. Dark clothing looks better on camera and is more flattering. Avoid loud prints or patterns on the clothes. . Avoid button up shirts unless you have a jacket to go over the top (they tend to pucker and poof out at the waist). Simple solid colors are best. White can be worn as long as it’s underneath something else.  Dry clean or launder your clothes well in advance. You may also want a backup outfit, because if one thing is bound to happen, it’s a huge coffee stain on picture day.

Wear clothing that fits and has a tailored look. Jackets are especially slimming, even better if it comes IN at the waist. See the youtube video below on jackets, it’s our #1 tip. If you’ve gained or lost weight, tight or baggy clothes can ruin a photo shoot and give you traumatic flash backs to yearbook photos from middle school

Make-up and Face

Your mom may have caked your face with make up in sixth grade so you were “photo ready” but that is actually a terrible approach. Remember, you’re getting a headshot taken, not going clubbing. With make-up, stick to the less is more rule and remember we provide a light retouch on your chosen images (so no worries if you have a few imperfections).

Have you been growing that fabulous beard since No-Shave- November? It may look a little “Duck Dynasty”. Groom your beard. A little trim to even it out or spruce it up so it doesn’t look like you’re selling beef jerky (unless you are selling beef jerky).


The eighties had a lot of great things, but hair and glamour shots weren’t one of them.  Avoid that “glamor shot”, “wind blow”, disheveled look. Bring a brush or comb with you to the photo shoot. Double check your hair is how you want it before the picture. Check your bangs and any fly-away strands of hair. The last thing you need is to look like an extra from Napoleon Dynamite.


Picture day doesn’t equal fancy dress up day. Wearing loud and large amounts of jewelry can be distracting. Keep any jewelry that you do wear simple. The only exception to this rule is if you have that as your signature style.

To wear or not to wear glasses… that is a good question. If you would wear glasses every day that ends in “y” than you probably should wear them for the photo shoot. If you only wear glasses to read, for computer screens, or to make people think you’re smarter, than it would probably be best to leave the glasses.

You may have some part of your face that you don’t like. Maybe your eyes or too big, too small, asymmetrical, you have a birthmark or a mole, or maybe you dislike your teeth. It’s okay to talk about it. Those things that you feel insecure about can be minimized through posing and lighting.


Look in the mirror, do you have a good side? What normally do you hate about photos of yourself? Don’t be shy about talking about it. Changes in poses or smiles can make you feel more comfortable about your headshot. Just don’t talk during the picture.

Don’t forget to smile!

If you’re ready for your Denver group corporate headshots, contact me today.