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How Corporate Headshots Can Affect Your Bottom Line

As the saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  Your corporate headshots are often the very first impression customers have of your business.  The decision to utilize your services or do business with your organization are often made based on the image created by these important photographs

A Customer’s First Judgment

A customer’s first instinct, often based on a photograph on social media, the Internet, or in your advertising, decides whether they want to investigate your company further or may even help them make an immediate decision to give you their business.  This quick decision affects your bottom line.  If you make a positive impression on this first judgment, you are more likely to win their business.

Corporate Headshots Show a Commitment to Quality

Your company’s commitment to quality is evidenced by the level of quality and effort you put into your corporate headshots.  Companies who obviously put little effort into their corporate headshots by utilizing unprofessional photos or selfies obviously lack the professionalism and high quality found in businesses that take the time to hire professional, high-quality photographers to create corporate headshots of a higher standard.  You want your business to reflect this commitment to professionalism and high quality.  Customers are more likely to trust and to choose businesses whose headshots show that they value and put effort into their image.

Quality Headshots Reflect the Clients You Attract

Putting the effort into professional, superior headshots enable you to reflect clients with the same commitment to quality.  An investment in a higher caliber corporate photographer will create the first impression that will attract the type of clients who appreciate that high level of professionalism.  Corporate headshots taken with mobile phones or by obvious amateurs will not attract the same level of customers who would appreciate the first impression created by professional corporate photographers like the team at Kelly Weaver Photography.

Make an investment in increasing your bottom line.  Book an appointment today with Kelly Weaver Photography to create the high quality, professional corporate headshots your business deserves.