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Why Your Company Should Buck the Group Amoeba Shot

If you’ve ever worked in corporate America, you’ve most likely seen the ‘group amoeba’ photo hanging or sometimes affixed to the fluorescent-lit halls. Worn-out prints from the ‘80’s, ‘90’s and even the early 2000’s show awkwardly smiling faces – and some equally awkward facial hair from the early days – of what should be the entirety of the company.

The key phrase there being should be.

In the modern era of cell phones and high-pixel digital cameras, the number of opportunities for taking amazing photos have skyrocketed, changing the face of modern photography. With so much evolution in the corporate (and others) photography space, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who prefers the old methods of long exposure and tricky prints you had to shake to expose. There will always be purists, but by-in-large most people embrace the new modern methods of photography. Shouldn’t your business photography match the modern times, too?

There will always be purists, but by-in-large most people embrace the new modern methods of photography. Shouldn’t your business photography match the modern times, too?

Take another look at that old group amoeba image the next time you find yourself roaming the halls of your workplace. How does it compare to the photos on your smartphone? Does it instill a sense of pride in your company? Are there key people missing from the photo, or worse, haphazardly photoshopped in later? The answers to these questions indicate an increasingly popular trend: businesses are getting away from the classic ‘group amoeba’ photo shoot and instead electing to highlight the company in unique and interesting new ways. Here are a few reasons why:

First off, what is the group amoeba shot?

The ‘group amoeba’ or company-wide group shot is the classic gathering of all levels of a business for a single, whole-company shot. Exec’s and first-day employees alike are all on the same level, which is great for company synergy but doesn’t really tell the story of the company hierarchy. Always staged and often awkward, the business amoeba shot has begun to encounter significant obstacles that are beginning to send companies running from the bleachers they’re standing upon to more engaging ways of telling the company story.

Scheduling Nightmare

By far, the most common hurdle to overcome when attempting to get an entire company together for a single shot is scheduling all those people to be in one place at one time (and smiling). The rise of telecommuting has further complicated this already complex and many times frustrating endeavor.

Now, personal and corporate photographers are breaking up the amoeba in exchange for unique ways of engaging an even larger target customer audience. Clearly, it is far simpler to arrange a time for 5 people to meet than 500 people. It is also clearly much easier to

small group amoeba photo

Small groups ease the stress of scheduling.

make 5 people feel comfortable enough to let their ‘real’ smiles and personality show than it is for 500.

Scheduling individual shots, or small groups or teams at a time allows for a faster photo shoot, giving your company more time doing what it does best. Rather than standing around waiting for everyone to look at the camera, a well-kept-to schedule gets your people in and out and back to the job faster by using time wisely.

And we all know time is money.

Divide and Conquer

Imagine: rather than a single panorama photo of your entire company with small heads and barely recognizable faces, your halls were FILLED with dozens of photos of your company’s big hitters with bright, expressive faces and personality seeping through each photo. Sound like an upgrade?

Dividing your company photos into smaller groups, teams, and even individual shots bring out the personality of that individual or team of individuals far better than a set-up panorama ever could. Does your sales team have the same personality traits as your research team? Most likely not. So, show it! Catering to each team’s’ or individual’s role in the company in their photo shoot will ultimately produce an album of engaging shots you and your company can be proud of.

Always Up-To-Date

team collage kelly weaver photography

Team Collage from Kelly Weaver Photography

Group amoeba shots, furthermore, often only show the faces of the current company for a very short period of time. Attrition and turnover make group amoeba photos obsolete, sometimes before they are even hung on the walls.

Always at the leading edge of business photography innovation, Kelly Weaver has taken the concept of ‘divide and conquer’ one step further while simultaneously dealing with the issue of attrition. The Team Collage package allows for updating your company imagery by always keeping it up to date. Each individual’s photo in the Team Collage features fully removable sections of each team member’s professionally-crafted headshot and includes customizable text to settle, once and for all, the boss’s FAVORITE MOVIE.

Ready to buck the trend of the blah business ‘group amoeba’ in corporate photography? Then call Kelly Weaver today! Kelly Weaver Photography has been your trusted Lakewood corporate photographer for 14 years. As soon as you meet with one of Kelly Weaver Photography’s professional corporate photographers, you’ll immediately see how well they bring out the personality and approachability of your company’s most important assets – its people!
From 5-person startups to 5000-person productions, Kelly Weaver Photography breaks up the boring business group amoeba, bringing out the best in your business. Call today!