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Choosing the Best Locations for Your Wedding Photos

Denver has some of the most beautiful, picturesque locations for wedding pictures. From the City Park Pavillion to the Brown Palace Hotel, the city is packed with amazing spots to catch your memorable moments forever.

Need help figuring out how to decide where to get your photos taken? Read on and discover everything you need to know about Denver Wedding Photography.

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Pick A Style

In the past few years, wedding photographers have started to branch out and look into more artistic styles of photography, and there is more variety in photos than there was in the past. Traditional style wedding photography is still a great choice, but you need to decide your photo style before choosing a matching location.


Themed weddings or couples who prefer a more daring, artistic take on their photos. Dramatic photography can be great, and could include sunset, great sets, or themed props and costumes for the pictures.


If you’re having a church wedding, or other classic venue, a more simplistic approach to your pictures may be best. Find a location close to the wedding ceremony, or even at the church itself. Setting the scene for the wedding or having a backdrop placed in an adjoining room could make things quick and easy.


A great style to include in some of your shots for variety is a candid approach, something a little less staged and posed and more natural and warm. Some couples even like to go to a different location from there photos, perhaps an alley or a street in their dress and suit, to get that perfect shot.

Setting The Scene

Once you have decided your photo theme and considered wedding photography prices, decided on a budget, and found your photographer – book your location! The scene you want to set should match your relationship, your photo style, and the vibe of your wedding that you want. Talking with your photographer about their suggestion for location can help, as well.

Wedding Photography Tips

1.   Make A List

Decide on all the different shots you want to be included in your gallery of photos. Mom and daughter, bride and friends, etc. Thinking ahead and letting your photographer know plainly will ensure you’re not missing any shots by the end.

2.   Schedule Plenty Of Time

If you think that you need an hour for getting your pictures done, make it one and a half. Things always will run behind, especially on your wedding day, and the last thing you want is feeling rushed during your photoshoot.

3.   Meet Beforehand

Setting up an appointment to discuss photo locations, the people included, the time allotted, and any extra cost required will lend a valuable hand to making your day run smoothly. Your photographer can also offer great advice and planning tips.

4.   Hire A Professional

While you surely have several friends with a new camera itching to try out their skills, an amateur photographer will never capture the moment or the scene as well as a team of professionals.