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5 Killer Poses for Girls

A girl's Senior picture captures the whole persona of who you are, and some might argue, encapsulates your entire high school experience. These are the photos that your peers are

Check out Our New Downtown

http://youtu.be/uPNg3DCNZ84 We've moved! Check out Kelly Weaver Photography's hip new location in downtown Littleton! The area is perfect for “urban families”, artistic headshots and funky engagement sessions. It's also a

Headshots rated highly in “12

Looking for a Denver headshot for social media? Love this article below, especially the part that talks about finding a photographer that "has a command of portrait photography".... it's so

Littleton Senior with Tattoos rocks

Amanda is a Littleton area '14 Senior. She has the most amazing Tattoos and fit perfectly in the streets of Littleton. The urban backgrounds, crackly alleyways and European style streets

Families wanted for our new

We are looking for FAMILIES to photograph at our new downtown Littleton location! We are opening the new STUDIO downtown Littleton for the most AMAZING family portraits you've EVER seen! Check

The White-on-White Combo is a

[gallery ids="1797,1796,1795,1794"] Wearing a white shirt against a white background is a lovely combination for Littleton senior pictures because it makes your skin "pop!" This combination also makes the skin appear

Senior picture ornaments for Littleton

Our newest product….Senior picture ornaments for Class of 2014 Littleton area students. We get a "baby's first year" ornament, why not get an ornament to commemorate your son/daughter's senior year?

Runaway video featuring several Littleton

We were fortunate enough to have several of our senior pictures from a '12 high school senior session, used in a video done by a talented singer, songwriter R. Michael

Pricing Summary

Follow Steps 1 through 3 for all of the info you need: 1. Locations 2. Sessions/Pricing 3. Booking  _______________________________________________ Senior Picture Session Pricing A message to our future clients... We

Session Options

Follow Steps 1 through 3 for all of the info you need: 1. Locations 2. Sessions/Pricing 3. Booking  _______________________________________________ 2. Sessions/pricing Which to choose, on-campus, signature or regular? (more…)

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