Tell the Story of Your

It’s that time of year: Senior pictures time! It may be hard to believe that your baby is all grown up and ready for senior year. Or maybe senior year

About to be a High

About to be a High School Senior? Get Pics Now! It can be hard to believe that your little boy or girl is now almost grown-up. You can remember them

5 Reasons to Avoid the

For the first time in Colorado history, over 900,000 students are currently enrolled in the Centennial State - most of which probably have a smartphone in their pocket, right now. Smartphone

5 Reasons Why Senior Picture

Life during the school year can be crazy. But the summertime? Now that's the time to get everything done. With the kids out of school, and no longer out of the

Five Considerations When Interviewing Prospective

Immortalizing your teenager in stunning Senior Picture photos has been a rite of passage for teens all over America for generations. In the modern world of camera phones and internet

Senior Pictures: Creatives “Takin’ it

We here at Kelly Weaver Photography just LOVE to capture students' unique personalities for their senior pictures, and our studio is PERFECTLY located for seniors who are creative or artistic

Senior Picture Ideas: Girls and

At Kelly Weaver Photography, we are passionate about senior pictures coupled with sports, and we take the time to get to know each athlete and help them develop senior picture

Senior Picture Ideas: Capture Your

Senior Picture Ideas Is your senior a "creative" or a "right-brainer?" At Kelly Weaver Photography, we believe that each person is unique, and it's especially important that your senior's personality

Senior Pictures: Your Son ‘Not’

Senior Pictures A lot of moms with sons come to me and lament, "My son is soooo not into taking photos, especially senior pictures!" These moms say they have to

Senior Pictures: Investigate your Photographer!

Senior Pictures To capture the BEST senior pictures possible, it is crucial that you CLICK with your photographer! Because Kelly Weaver Photography is dedicated to her clients and producing successful

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