About to be a High

About to be a High School Senior? Get Pics Now! It can be hard to believe that your little boy or girl is now almost grown-up. You can remember them

5 Reasons to Avoid the

For the first time in Colorado history, over 900,000 students are currently enrolled in the Centennial State - most of which probably have a smartphone in their pocket, right now. Smartphone

5 Reasons Why Senior Picture

Life during the school year can be crazy. But the summertime? Now that's the time to get everything done. With the kids out of school, and no longer out of the

Senior Picture Ideas: When to

The new school year is just around the corner, so it's time to stop procrastinating and get your senior photos now! We offer a variety of senior picture ideas to

Turn Your Fave Shirt into

[gallery ids="2337,2338,2339"] Do you love your high school? Why not turn your fave school shirt into a pillow as a memento! We work with some amazing high school senior vendors,

Littleton-area Senior CONTEST for Class

Want to enter a Littleton-area senior CONTEST for the Class of '15? All you have to to is take a picture of yourself next to this ad enlarged on your

Check out Our New Downtown

http://youtu.be/uPNg3DCNZ84 We've moved! Check out Kelly Weaver Photography's hip new location in downtown Littleton! The area is perfect for “urban families”, artistic headshots and funky engagement sessions. It's also a

Senior Picture: Ladies! Lashes are

Senior Picture http://youtu.be/wLfU6l55blk&width=633 Lovely lashes are a MUST for your senior picture in Denver! The most important element of your photos is your EYES! Unfortunately, photography tends to "mute" the

Celebrate Good Times! Our New

[gallery columns="2" ids="2249,2248"] We here at Kelly Weaver Photography have excellent news: We just moved into a new office location in the heart of downtown Littleton -- and we have

Find Out Which Arapahoe Senior

[caption id="attachment_2229" align="aligncenter" width="269"] Warrior strong![/caption] Do you know which Arapahoe ’14 seniors will be showcased in Shawarma Mediterranean Grill’s window for March? Then stop by and check out the