Tip 2 to look DAMN

Tip 2 to look DAMN good for your Denver professional headshot-"Lean in" When you have your professional headshot taken, any GOOD photographer will tell you to "LEAN IN"... why? Because

Tip 1 to look DAMN

Tips for your Denver professional headshot - "Chin down" One of the MOST important elements of getting a GOOD, professional and ENGAGING headshot (to attract the clients you are looking

Denver actors and actresses –

Denver actors and actresses - prepare a serious look for your headshot session. We photograph a lot of Denver area actors and actresses who ask us how to prepare for

Author headshots in Denver and

    Author headshots in Denver and Littleton Angie is a Denver/Littleton based author whom we recently photographed. Her book was just published and she got a review from Wayne

Littleton and Denver headshots for

Littleton and Denver headshots for online dating sites Jeanne came in to our Littleton studio today for an online dating headshot and ROCKED IT. We are really enjoying doing online

Littleton Headshots for professionals

Littleton/Denver Headshots for professionals A headshot that SPEAKS your personality is important in attracting the right audience. From the research we've done, our Littleton/Denver headshot clients receive more of the

Littleton Headshots for Actors and

Littleton Headshots for Actors and Actresses are really amp'ing up here at Kelly Weaver Photography! Today, we photographed Brynn, an actress and stand up comedian! We used our signature "window

Headshot campaign coming to Denver

[caption id="attachment_1142" align="alignnone" width="200"] Headshot Campaign.[/caption] Here is a sample headshot portrait of an author/editor from our recent San Francisco headshot campaign! Our goal is to do our next headshot