Portrait Photography: Naturally Lovely Lashes!

Oftentimes when I see portrait photography, I see gorgeous women but with unfortunate makeup choices because the colors are too bold, the mascara is too harsh or even clumpy looking,

Portrait Photography: Successful Photos for

Similar to the real estate industry, which we covered in an earlier post, financial planning also tends to use outdated portrait photography. Traditionally, professionals in these and other industries visit

Professional Pictures: Show off Your

It's becoming increasingly popular for our clients to want both professional as well as casual photos, so Kelly Weaver Photography now offers both photography packages for either two or five poses.

Portrait Photography: “Teaming up” by

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, it's important to keep employee portrait photography current. As soon as you add new team members, you need to include them in your print

Portrait Photography: How to Capture

More and more Fortune 500 companies and SMART companies are learning to focus on employees' strengths -- rather than their weaknesses. So it makes a TON of sense to capture

Portrait Photography: MATURE Women MEAN

We here at Kelly Weaver Photography believe in PRO-aging rather than ANTI-aging, and we believe in celebrating wisdom and strength, so we capture the beauty of age in portrait photography.

Professional Pictures: Regularly Swap Your

Sometimes people ask me, "Why get more than just ONE image?" This is a great question. We've been taught that for professional pictures, we only need one and that we

Portrait Photography: From Cheesy to

Did you know Kelly Weaver Photography SPECIALIZES in Real Estate portrait photography? Why? Mostly it's because of the location we use. We believe it’s important to be photographed in an environment

Portrait Photography: Add LIGHT to

Most staff directories for organizations like churches use the old style when capturing portrait photography, which is the traditional blue backdrop. [caption id="attachment_3126" align="alignleft" width="288"] Bright and welcoming![/caption] Not only

Professional Pictures: Capture Your SPARK

Professional Pictures can really help when making the leap into online dating because it can be a scary and overwhelming experience at first, especially when trying to choose a photo! So