5 Ways to Improve Your

Here at Kelly Weaver Photography we see the same questions all the time. How do I improve my brand presence? What types of images do I need on my website?

Getting Ready for Your Company’s

If you’ve invested in professional Denver corporate headshots for your employees, you want to make sure that everyone takes best advantage of the opportunity. You can make sure of this

Tell the Story of Your

It’s that time of year: Senior pictures time! It may be hard to believe that your baby is all grown up and ready for senior year. Or maybe senior year

What Gets Attention in an

Online Dating Pictures that will Get You Noticed With all the many ways online dating exists, it can seem overwhelming to create an online dating profile. Spending hours writing your

How to Pose for a

Preparing for Denver Headshots If you type the words “Glamour Shots” into any search engine, the results are bound to give you a good laugh. Regardless of how humorous those

How to Prepare Your Employees

Denver Group Corporate Headshots - How to Prepare In school, there was nothing more dreadful than picture day. Your mom probably bought some cheesy outfit that you would never wear

How Corporate Headshots Can Affect

As the saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  Your corporate headshots are often the very first impression customers have of your business.  The

Denver corporate headshots that work

Are your Denver corporate headshots getting noticed and supporting your company's branding? With the power of internet marketing, companies are seeing the IMPACT that well-done, professional headshots can make. What

Denver headshots – new hires

In this day and age of internet marketing, brand consistency is key and that includes your Denver headshots. Does your company have a hodge podge of various backgrounds, cropped differently

Start the New Year with

Corporate photography is an essential component of your company’s image and brand.  Quality corporate images present a professional, competent, and valuable brand to your customers. It's imperative to send a