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What Gets Attention in an Online Dating Profile Picture?

Online Dating Pictures that will Get You Noticed

With all the many ways online dating exists, it can seem overwhelming to create an online dating profile. Spending hours writing your profile may sound like the way to go but in reality, all that time and energy should be spent on your profile picture.

The first thing anyone will see is your online dating pictures, and your picture says a lot. If you’re hoping to meet “The One” or maybe just someone up for fun, you need a profile picture that will get attention.

Deal Breakers

Anyone in the dating world has their “deal breakers”, whether it’s no one who lives at home or must be literate, someone always has at least one or two deal breakers in mind when dating. Many people have these deal breakers about pictures and may not realize it.  The best thing to do in the online dating world is to avoid these deal breakers in your online dating pictures:

  • Photo with an ex: These photos could show that you’re not ready for the dating world or that you’re still stuck on them.
  • Pictures of everything BUT you: Even if you’re camera shy, people need to know who they are talking to and who they could be meeting up with.
  • Using filters or obvious photoshop: You’re not auditioning for a roll in a movie, you are hoping to create a relationship. You want someone who is interested in the real you, no who will play you on TV.
  • You don’t want to look like you tried too hard. Avoid using studio backdrops.

Surprisingly, attractiveness is not a deal breaker. Average looking people get more messages and interests than their more attractive competitors.

It also has been found that the cliché photos may actually help you land a date. The ab shot, isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and neither is the selfie shot.

Conversation Starters

Post photos that share your interests. Having a picture of you doing something is more likely to get responses than a photo of you drinking. Showing pictures of your last adventure hiking, or maybe you coaching your nephew’s little league game can draw someone in with the same interests and hobbies.

Sharing a couple of photos with you and your friends or family also shows that you have strong relationships. Don’t make this your main profile picture, as it can be confusing as to which person is you. Your main profile picture should also avoid pets. You may love Muffin but having her in the shot can make you look obsessed with your pet.

Quality not Quantity

Your dating profile isn’t your Instagram or Facebook profile. Throwing as many pictures as you can on there may not be the best way to go. Think of if like you’re marketing a product. You want to be honest about yourself, but you don’t need to show that picture of you and your mom in matching pajamas first thing in the morning.

Posting high quality photos of you, all of you, will peak interests. Avoid using the flash, as it can add up to seven years. Use soft natural light in the late afternoon, early evening. Even a picture outside instead of in your living room will be higher quality.

If you are a guy, a black and white photo, without a smile and looking away is more likely to get attention. Girls should have colorful pictures, wearing red, smiling, and looking right at the camera.

Get the best lighting by shooting early in the day. Rising early might be a pain, but it’ll make you look your best!

Professional Help

A professional photo is a great way to go. Using a professional, not only ensures a great picture of you, it is less jarring than the bathroom selfies. Professional photos saturate the internet and our devices so much that it will look less like a desperate investment and more comforting for the eye. Although it may be tempting to call a friend with a camera, consider the value of the project. You’re looking for true love, and for that you want someone who can advise you on lighting, clothing, poses, and everything you need to get the perfect shot.

If you want perfect online dating pictures, contact us today.