5 Killer Poses for Girls Senior Pictures

A girl’s Senior picture captures the whole persona of who you are, and some might argue, encapsulates your entire high school experience. These are the photos that your peers are going to remember for years to come. They’ll be tacked up on relative’s refrigerators, placed in friends’ wallets, and shared on Facebook, Instagram and more for everyone to see. This is why your poses are so important – they tell the story.

Choosing Your Killer Pose
After all of your hard work throughout your short high school career, it all comes down to this — your moment to shine. If you really want to make an impression with your Senior picture, you need to choose a pose that fits your personality and puts you in the best light. Here are 5 awesome poses that can do all that and more:
  • Senior Picture Littleton CO PosesHead and Shoulders — Start with one of the classics. By concentrating on your head and shoulders, any girl can really capture her personality. There are a number of ways to position yourself when using this pose, but if you tip your shoulders and tilt your head toward the higher one, you should be able to achieve a decidedly feminine look. You can also look over your shoulder for a more dramatic flare.
  • Senior Pictures Littleon CO PosesHead Tilt — Some girls may complain that the head tilt feels a bit awkward — you know, kinda like the entire high school experience. That being said, tilting your head either forwards or backwards is a great way to add a bit of movement to your Senior picture. This is a more dramatic pose than the standard close-up.


  • Senior Picture Littleton CO PosesLooking Away / Profile — If done correctly, capturing your profile can look absolutely stunning, especially when you consider the lighting and shadows that can bounce around your face and really bring out your features. The one thing to consider here is to pay attention to where your arms and hands are within the shot. You don’t want to look too stiff, as that can take away from what you’re trying to achieve – just be natural.
  • Senior Picture Littleton CO PosesSitting, Laying Downor Movin’ Around — Although many favorite poses are done while standing up, whether the shot includes your whole body or not, sitting or laying down adds some versatility to the mix. If you’re sitting down, you’ll want to consider how your entire body looks – again the key is to look fabulous and casual at the same time. Laying down is a great option as well to add some versatility to your different shots. One of our favorites is twirling or dancing to some music. This brings out fun, candid shots that capture personality and movement.
  • Senior Picture Littleton CO PosesCandid — Looking natural is the Holy Grail of every picture you take, but never before has it seemed more essential than during a Senior picture photo session. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of stress rattling around because most Senior girls have so many things to worry about outside of the shoot. A good photographer will be able to lighten the mood and catch you laughing at a stupid joke or otherwise coax you into being more relaxed. We love doing that with our clients – the more comfortable you are the more your personality can shine through the pics.
  • 5T3B7971Utilizing Your Surroundings — When it comes to choosing your Senior picture poses, your surroundings matter. It seems like just yesterday that Senior pictures were taken almost strictly in a formal setting – you know those old glamor shots with a stale background. These days, however, we love using the outdoors – from brick walls, concrete and peely paint for an urban look or a more natural setting with plants and grasses. Props are often added as well, so bring that sports jersey, ballet slippers or your skate board for added flare.

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