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Online Dating Headshots

5 Effective Online Dating Headshots

There could be nothing more satisfying or rewarding in life than love. And if the time has come to seek out the potential new love in your life, you want to make sure you have every aspect of your online dating profile covered. This includes ensuring you opt for the right photo.

If you can choose a Denver headshot photographer that is able to capture you at your very best, you’re already ahead of many others looking for love. A Denver headshot photographer should be able to capture every essence of your personality and style – all in one photo. We aim to do just that. Kelly Weaver Photography is experienced in taking online dating profile headshots that win the hearts of many who view them. To ensure you get the best photo you can, read the five effective online dating headshot tips below. We want to make sure you get the love of your life.

Show You’re Active in Your Photo

Experienced Denver headshot photographers such as Kelly Weaver Photography understand that being active and showing your hobbies in a photo is an almost sure-fire way to gain a following. If you’re into tennis, or football, or even dancing, using these to your advantage is beneficial. By capturing these ‘hobby’ shots, you are showing potential love interests that there’s more to you than just a selfie at your home. It shows you get out and about, you’re social, and you enjoy doing what you love. Denver headshot photographers aim to capture your passion and express it in a photograph. So grab your tennis racket, get your sports gear on and pose for a charming photo everyone will love!

Get Your Pets Involved

Denver headshot photographers capture more than just your face, they capture your personality. If you’re able to snap a photo with your dog at the beach, or your pet cow on the farm, it shows you are warm and loving to all creatures. Potential matches love to see people interact with their pets. After all, many of us consider our pets part of the family. So when you’re choosing a Denver headshot photographer, bring Buster the dog along and get him in on the action!

Take a (Nearly) Full Body Shot

It can be easy to show potential matches what you want them to see, but by displaying a 3/4 body shot, there is going to be no surprises when you decide to meet up with a potential romantic match. They will have seen you in most of your entirety (minus your shoes), and this shows you are willing to not hide anything. There can be nothing gained from providing just a headshot, for when you meet that person, they will see you in your entirety anyway. So when you book your photo shoot with a Denver headshot photographer, ask if they can factor a 3/4 body shot into the mix!

Don’t Deceive with Old Photos

Many of us will find one photo we love of ourselves and use that for everything. But maybe five years have gone by and that photo is no longer an accurate representation of you. You may have new tattoos or piercings, new facial hair or a new hair do. If you plan on being in the public eye often for any reason, it is recommended you get a new headshot photo taken every five years at least. This will ensure you are representing yourself as you are now, not as you were up until a decade ago. By hiring a Denver headshot photographer to get your online dating profile picture, you are opting for a real, true and honest experience. Potential matches will be seeing you for you – a very recent you.

Make it Flattering

It’s a common theme among online dating profiles to post pictures of pulling funny faces, in funny poses and more often than not – drinking. They may show you have a good time, but it doesn’t flatter your image or your personality. A Denver headshot photographer will able to show you in the most flattering light without altering your image. It could be through enhancing your eyes, choosing the best lighting for your skin, or your hair.

You are still you, but you are looking flattering in that moment. This will help attract men or women you are looking to spend the rest of your life with.

Kelly Weaver Photography aims to help you achieve the results you’re after for your online dating profile.

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