Location Choices


We have 2 AWESOME locations offered for those purchasing Varsity and higher sessions! Both offer a bit of landscape and architecture. If you are purchasing a “JV” session, please scroll down to the bottom. 


1. Main Street description:

Want something a bit out of the box? This location is perfect for the Senior that wants something different. Those that pick this location like edgier, artistic looks and appreciate the crackly, peely alley ways, brick work, and architecture of downtown Littleton. We spend a lot of time winding through the “back alley ways” to capture unique shots. There is also a park for some greenery.
Sessions in a.m. or mid-afternoon.

Highline description:

This location is located near Broadway and Dry Creek and runs along the Highline Canal. The Highline location offers a combination of greenery and a bit of urban/”architectural elements” to boot. Choose from tall wild grass, bridges, brick courtyards, alley way, staircase, or an organic, earthy wood wall. Those who choose this location like choices, variety, Colorado scenery and the option of edging it up. Sessions in the a.m.